Horror Movie Marathon Month

Horror Movie Marathon Month

Objective: Watch one horror film every day throughout the month of October and write daily blog posts detailing the film’s cultural significance and impact.

Caveats: Include a broad range of films from horror sub-genres (i.e. body horror, zombies, vampires, and psychological horror) and over the course of the genre’s history. No decade of film can be repeated back-to-back.

In an effort to promote arguably the most progressive film genre, I encouraged colleagues and members of my community in Cairo, Egypt to partake in film viewings and discussions. Conversations ensued around topics ranging from the representation of women in horror, fragility of identity, the very definition of what is horror, and discussions regarding the admiration of art by artists that have committed heinous acts (see: Rosemary’s Baby).

Though this project was, in part, an exercise of perseverance in consuming a hefty daily dose of entertainment, the ultimate desired outcome was to create an opportunity for others to participate in a shared experience and dialogue about our interpretations of film, and our collective and individual fears.