Zoo Tycoon


  • Develop multiple classes from program requirements
  • Implement inheritance

Program for a one-player zoo tycoon game that allows user to run a zoo business. When the user begins they have a set amount of money and are required to purchase 1 or 2 of each animal available (tigers, penguins, and turtles) to start the game. Each animal costs a different amount, have different feeding costs, and return a different profit at the end of the day. Once the player starts the game, a random event occurs that causes either:

  1. A random animal type to die and be removed from the zoo
  2. A random bonus amount is added to the user’s money for each tiger in the zoo
  3. A random animal type gives birth (and the litter of each animal has a different size, tiger -> 1, penguin -> 5, turtle -> 10)
  4. Nothing at all

At the end of the day, the user is given the option to buy another animal and all of the animal ages as well as the tracker for the number of days is incremented by 1. At the start of the next day, the user must pay to feed the animals and then again a random event occurs. This cycle will continue (feed animals, random event, buy animal option presented, next day in the game) until the user either elects to quit (option given at the same time the user is presented the option to buy an animal) or the user goes bankrupt.

Sample of C++ header and implementation files for Zoo Tycoon Game:

Program menu invites user to play or quit and should they elect to play, prompts the user to purchase 1 or 2 of each animal type to add to their zoo.

After user has purchased animals the game cycle begins in which a random event occurs, user is informed of profits for the day from each animal type and their current cash in the bank, user is given the option to buy more animals, all animals are aged a day, and feeding costs are deducted from the Zoo Tycoon’s account.

The aforementioned game cycle continues until the Zoo Tycoon either goes bankrupt or selects the menu option to quit.

View the lines of code for this zany zoo project over in this Github repository!